Cold Legs

"My legs are cold!"

Millions of people suffer with cold legs, cold feet and cold arms due to various medical problems such as poor circulation, diabetes, peripheral arterial or vascular disease, post polio syndrome, and more.  

Medical professionals warn people who experience numbness in their lower legs due to diabetes or circulatory problems not to use electric blankets, heating pads or hot water bottles, as the potential exists for the patient to be burned and not know it. 

Some people's cold legs bother them so much that it keeps them from sleeping at night. They must take medication just to get a good night's sleep.

Vaso-Wraps® are FDA Registered and produce Safe Warmth...there are no electrical wires, heating elements or chemicals involved. Vaso-Wraps® warm the patient by retaining the body's own heat within a thickly custom quilted material. There is no risk of burning with Vaso-Wraps®.

Vaso-Wraps® are so thickly quilted that they stand up by themselves. This means they will not restrict your circulation when wrapped around your legs.

You can comfortably warm your legs with Vaso-Wraps® all day long.... at home, in the car, at work or while you sleep. Do not wear Vaso-Wraps® while you bath or swim.

Vaso-Wraps® may be the only FDA Registered Medical Device that a physician can confidently recommend to their patients with diabetes to safely warm their legs while they sleep or for any prolonged period during the day.

The comforting warmth that Vaso-Wraps® provides may be very helpful in relaxing muscles in the lower legs and alleviating cramps. Please click on Endorsements for a personal story.